The world keeps evolving and so must the world’s best hat brand. That’s why we’ve added a completely new fabric to our wide range of materials – bamboo-viscose. But why do we love it so much and why should you too? This blog will give you all the answers!


In the world of textiles, a remarkable discovery took place in the early 2000s and bamboo found its way into the realm of clothing. Thanks to the innovative process developed by Beijing University, bamboo could now be transformed into a fabric known as “viscose from bamboo” and while this process is fairly complicated, we’ll try to explain it in a nutshell!

The production of bamboo-viscose involves extracting cellulose from bamboo’s wood pulp. This is then processed to create the fabric by using bleaching chemicals to dye the fibres white and then woven into a fabric, often blended with viscose, lycra or spandex to ensure durability and shape retention. The end result is a soft and luxurious fabric suitable for clothing, sheets, towels and of course… summer hats!


While bamboo-viscose may not be as widely known as cotton, it has gained recognition in the eco-friendly fashion industry. This popularity increase can be attributed to factors such as affordability, availability, the fabric’s soft and pliable texture, breathability, moisture-wicking properties and also hypoallergenic nature. Additionally, bamboo-viscose is often praised for its durability and resistance to wrinkles and its sustainable origin as a fast-growing and renewable resource. Here are 6 reasons to love bamboo-viscose:

  • Sensationally soft. Prepare to be pampered by the silky touch of bamboo-viscose. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cloud of pure softness. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Luxurious, without breaking the bank. This fabric’s velvety smoothness and high-end appearance rival those of fancy fabrics with a hefty price tag. But fear not! Bamboo-viscose prices are in the same range as cotton.
  • Light as a feather. The fantastic ventilation of bamboo-viscose keeps you cool when it’s scorching hot and keeps you warm when the temperature drops. Ideal for activities that work up a sweat.
  • Tough and resistant to pilling. Bamboo-viscose clothing is a true warrior, built to withstand the test of time. It’s strong, durable, and won’t back down even after countless wears and washes.
  • Low maintenance. Bamboo-viscose is the laid-back buddy of luxury fabrics. Forget about dry cleaning, hand washing, and complicated care routines and simply toss your bamboo-viscose garments into the washing machine and they’ll come out sparkling clean. You can even tumble dry them (although air drying is recommended). Ironing? No need to bother! Smooth out any wrinkles with a handy handheld steamer or a light mist of water and you’re good to go.
  • Renewable and pesticide-free resource. Bamboo is basically a colossal, woody grass that grows at incredible speed, sometimes soaring over 3 feet per day. Unlike other plants, bamboo boasts a natural antibacterial agent called Bamboo Kun, which keeps pests at bay, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and fungicides during growth. But that’s not all! It also cleanses the air by absorbing more carbon dioxide than many heavily farmed plants, such as cotton, while releasing copious amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. Way to go, bamboo!


Breden’s bamboo-viscose collection currently consists of 14 different designs: 3 for babies, 6 for toddlers and 5 for adults. Let’s go over what each of them can do!

  • POLA is a one-layered cutesy-cute baby hat with little ears. Perfect for hot summer days and after bathing.
  • POLLY is a top knot baby hat with adjustable depth. Also perfect for hot summer days and after bathing.
  • PAM is a peaked baby hat with strings that offers much needed protection againts harsh UV-rays.
  • PLUTO is a peaked sun hat with strings and additional protective flaps that cover your kid’s ears and neck.
  • PHIL is a highly functional peaked hat that can be folded and tucked away very easily, while it still retains its shape.
  • PEPA is a one-layered tube-scarf that will keep your toddler’s neck safe from unexpected gusts of wind.
  • PARIS is a stylish bucket hat suitable for both boys and girls.
  • PIPO is a multifunctional head-scarf-band-cap for girls that is a match made in heaven with all kinds of braids and pony tails.
  • PABLO is a classic kids beanie that stays securely in place and keeps your kid’s head dry even in very hot weather conditions.
  • SIA is a double-layered sweatband for all kinds of active hobbies. And why not also for skin care routines?
  • PAC is a one-layered and super versatile long tube that can be used as a scarf, a mask or an under-helmet hat.
  • PALOMA is a double-layered neck tube that will keep your neck warm and cozy when it’s chillier and windier.
  • PAUL is a double-layered classic beanie that follows the shape of each head and can be worn in two ways: like a baggy hat or with a double hem.
  • PEGGY is a one-layered classic summer beanie that will keep your head dry even in the warmest of weathers.

Til’ next time!
Anne, Breden’s content manager

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